• Rasel Shikdar, a rising musical artist and singer entrepreneur, is using his music to build a Community.

    Rasel Shikdar has checked his own YouTube channel as an authority craftsman bunch and consistently transfers his music there. He has assisted many individuals with opening their YouTube channels up to this point. He is a sort and legit business visionary.

    Rasel Shikdar

    Rasel Shikdar is a famous performer and fruitful business visionary in Bangladesh. He began rehearsing music at an early age and worked in his own studio.


    Simultaneously, he was perceived as a fruitful business person at an early age.

    Rasel Shikdar is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Singer, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, influencer, App Developer & internet personality. He is mainly known as Hip-hop and folk Musician in the Bangladesh music industry. He was Born on 15 May 1998 in Gazipur City of Bangladesh. Rasel Shikdar is a professional musical artist in the Bangladesh Music industry & Music Platforms. Besides singing, he is continuing his studies. He is studying at Bangladesh Open University.

    There are 7 billion people in the WorldWorld who have different hobbies—just like Rasel Shikdar had a dream that he would be a great artist and achieve success. He has been able to fulfill his dream. He has been fascinated by music since childhood, and when her first song was published at 21, he considered music as her life. Rasel Shikdar has outstanding Creativity, like new music Composer and Music Writing, acting, etc. But he deserves the Bangladesh music industry.

    Who Is Rasel Shikdar ?

    Rasel Shikdar

    At the point when we request that Rasel Shikdar express something about his crowd, he says that his way is with the group, they are there, I am pushing ahead, and their energy shows me the way forward, so I think the crowd is my beginning and end aside from them, I am zero.

    He made a splash in the Bangladesh music industry by composing and writing new songs; he has many supporters waiting for his new songs. Along with his studies, he started his social media platform, thus supporting various Musical industries to scale their business using the same digital marketing strategies Rasel Shikdar Music utilized to grow his brand name Music World. Recently Rasel Shikdar made a renowned name in the social media world, the Name of ShikdarT Studio Brand. Becoming one of the top influencers and carrying the best amount of skills, Rasel Shikdar left no stone unturned for maximum revenue.

    The youngest generation and marketing through social media means. Thus passing over the same to the others. It’s his dream to become a millionaire, and there’s no looking back for Rasel Shikdar. Rasel Shikdar is a public figure who has reached millions with his social media status and inspiring youth who would like to persuade their career in the same. He is constantly networking and on the go. He has millions of views and followers, and people look up to him as an idol of younger Boys and girls. Rasel Shikdar still withholds a powerful position digitally.


    He is the new motivation for the youthful society. Despite being naturally introduced to a working-class family, Rasel Shikdar has worked on his business through diligent effort since the beginning.

    Having gotten some information about the progress of the business, Rasel Shikdar said, “When you maintain your own business, you will constantly attempt to carry on with work sincerely and keep your clients cheerful. You will feel that their prosperity implies your prosperity, then it will be simpler for you to push ahead.”

    He is presently at the core of progress. He imagines assuming you push ahead without considering yourself huge and stroll with the adoration for individuals. You will be one of many individuals; regardless of whether you need to, you can construct yourself as a powerful decent individual. On the off chance that there is an obstruction in the manner, he settles it with a calm mind and populates it with the ideal choice. He never surrenders; he generally works in a virus head and prevails upon it, making him a persuasive individual.

    Discussing his profession, Rasel Shikdar said, “Before you start some work, inquire as to whether you like it or not. If you work on what you like, you are bound to prevail in it. I generally attempt to do what I like.” Love doesn’t appear to be troublesome when you work with affection. Snags should travel every which way. It is the occupation of fruitful individuals to tackle them in a virus head and move forward.

    Musical Artist

    Rasel Shikdar has checked his own YouTube channel as an authority craftsman bunch and consistently transfers his music there. He has assisted many individuals with opening their YouTube channels up to this point. He is a sort and legit business visionary.
    His campaign is noted and recognized all across the WorldWorld. Rasel Shikdar has provided success to a number of the self-brand ShikdarT Studio. He is widely known as one of the best in the business at creating organizations’ viral growth and pairing it with paid digital media campaigns for his clients and achieving a respected name in the music industry of Bangladesh. Rasel Shikdar also verified musical artists’ famous music brands on international platforms like Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, apple music, Jaxtamusic, Jiosaavn, and other kinds of Music platforms.

    Rasel Shikdar has gotten legit appeal from his family since adolescence and has attempted to fabricate himself that way. Shikdar never rewards his fans. He generally tries to fulfill them. He lets us know that his work is pushing ahead, and many more new collections will come soon. ShikdarT team is running their work in his studio. Up to this point, he has delivered more than ten collections. Furthermore, he has filled in as a music craftsman in Bangladeshi films. Moreover, he is working in Bengali movies routinely. See More


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